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Historic Automotive Films

The American Road, Ford Quadricycle - 1953 Part 1/4

The American Road is a short film produced from archival footage as well as modern reenactments. At times melodramatic, especially in the reenactments, this film presents an interesting look at the evolution of the automobile and the road.

Part 1: Leaving the farm behind, life in the city, and the Quadricycle.


The American Road, Ford Assembly Line - 1953 Part 2/4

Part 2: Barney Oldfield's 999 "Mile-A-Minute" car, Ford's original Model A, and the origins of the Model T assembly line.


The American Road, Model T - 1953 Part 3/4

Part 3: The dismal beginning of the American road system, the social/economic impact of better roads, and a fond look at the venerable Model T.

Favorite line: "Directions so complicated you couldn't find your way home with a compass!"


The American Road, Henry Ford, WWII - 1953 Part 4/4

Part 4: A look at Henry Ford's contributions to automobile manufacturing and American society, WWII production methods, and the current (as of 1953) state of the American road.



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