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Post 1953 Ford Video Advertisements

1956 Ford Customline Victoria & Ranch Wagon Car Commercial

The 1956 Ford passenger car remained largely unchanged from the previous 1955 model aside from a slightly redesigned, more open grille. Big news for 1956 was the adoption of 12 volt electrical system across the entire Ford line.

The Thunderbird Power mentioned in the clip comes from the V8 "Y" 292 CID engine rated at 193 hp. Of course this was the same engine used in the Thunderbirds of the day.


Tennessee Ernie Ford Presents the 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner

Presented, ironically, by Tennessee Ernie Ford is the all new 1957 Ford Skyliner. Unique even by today's standards, it featured a fully retractable hard top which folded into the trunk. All this was accomplished by way of three drive motors driving four lift jacks, four door lock motors, ten solenoids, four locking mechanisms for the roof, and 610 feet of wiring.

Production run lasted only three years (1957 1958 and 1959). Available engines included the "Y" block V8 series in 272, 292, and 312 cubic inch displacements. Also available for 1958-1959 was the new FE series 332 and 352 cid big block engine.


Ford Motor Company Across the Globe 1955

Exploring Ford Motor Company production around the globe, this short film features employees and cars from around the world. Includes some wild looking concept cars as well as more conventional production models from 1955.


1956 Ford Victoria Television Commercial

This short television advertisement was presented before the regular showing of the Ford Theatre program and features a 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.

Master-Guide power steering is the main focus of this advertisement although the big news in '56 was the adoption of the 12 volt electrical system across the Ford line. Lifeguard safety features were also briefly mentioned but never materialized as a major selling point.



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