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1950s CarToons!

Car of Tomorrow (1951)

A vision of the future of automobiles as only Tex Avery could bring us. The version presented here is the unedited original which includes the Indian (Native American) and Chinese autos.

Direction: Tex Avery
Animation: Walter Clinton, Grant Simmons, Michael Lah
Story: Roy Williams, Rich Hogan
Music: Scott Bradley


Your Safety First (1956)

Created by the Automobile Manufacturers of America, this short film explores a brief history of the automobile. Special attention is paid to the advances in safety features in the first half of the 20th century.

Set in the (then) distant future of the year 2000, Your Safety First offers a distinctly Jetsonesque vision of transportation. Oddly enough, this film was produced before the Jetsons but contains the uncredited voice of George O'Hanlon as the potential car buyer who is the main focus of the film. George O'Hanlon would later become the voice of George Jetson in the animated TV series.



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