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1949-1951 Ford Passenger Car Commercials

1950 Ford Passenger Car Commercial

A typical advertisement of the time extolling the virtues of the Ford automobile. I can't help but notice the distributor seems to be on the wrong side of that engine.


The Ford Theater, Television Commercial - 1950

A short advertisement promoting Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury automobiles. Great emphasis is placed on the idea of quality in manufacturing.


Trader Thorne Part 1 of 2

Trader Thorne is a training film produced by Ford Motor Company for new salesman which explains approved techniques for selling new cars.

Hugh Beaumont, perhaps best known as Ward Cleaver from the television show Leave it to Beaver, stars as the titular Joe "Trader" Thorne. While this film provides no year of production in the credits, my best guess based on the cars spotted throughout the film would be 1949 or 1950.


Trader Thorne Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of the Ford Motor Company training video titled Trader Thorne.



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