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Dimensions/Specifications 1953-1956 Ford Trucks

Body dimension listed below for the 1953 model year. Each model include specifications for tire size, wheel size, loaded height, gross vehicle weight, curb weight, and payload. Weights are presented for both six cylinder models and V8s. Dimension are specified for wheelbase, overall length, height, width, bed measurements, ground clearance, and more. The final chart contains cab information for F-100s through F-900s. Click on the image or the link to expand the charts.

1953-1956 Ford F-250 Truck 8' Express Image
1953-1956 F-250 8' Express (Click to enlarge)
1953-1956 Ford F-100 Panel Body Specifications
1953-1956 F-100 8' Panel (Click to enlarge)
1953-1956 Ford F-100 Cab and Chassis Specifications Image
1953-1956 F-100 Cab and Chassis (Click to enlarge)
1953-1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck Specifications Image
1953-1956 F-100 6-1/2' Pickup (Click to enlarge)
1953-1956 Ford F100 - F900 Cab Dimensions Image
1953-1956 Ford F-100 - F-900 Cab (Click to enlarge)


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